About Us

Established in the United Arab Emirates with its primary factory in Ajman, Artisan Tents is a professional tent manufacturing firm with a flair for designing quality. The company utilizes the finest machinery & tools and selectively employs craftsmen with decades of experience to ensure consistency, speed, and efficiency.

Artisan Tents main business involves designing and producing tents for clients across several sectors, of which prime examples are hotels, restaurants, and event organization. The company also specializes in manufacturing all types of shades for car parks, swimming pools, et al. All tents and shades are fire-retardant and customized to the taste of the client, and we endeavor to keep outsourcing to a minimum by keeping most, if not all processes, in-house. This enables us to keep our prices competitive, and our quality verifiable.

Our company strives to set itself apart from others by endeavoring to completely revolutionize the U.A.E.'s perception of intricate tent design. It is our ambition to cater to every client with a highly personalized approach, whether they require a vast and ostentatious tent for the perfect wedding, or one that exudes a congenial atmosphere in which the entire family can sit down together and break their fast during the auspicious month of Ramadan.

The caliber of all our products and offerings are carefully controlled to reflect years of experience in the fine art of tent-making. Our commitment to maintaining the very pinnacle of quality at the most economical rates possible allow us to better equip ourselves to serve our valued customers. Whatever the project, wherever the place, we have you covered